Alyson J. Colingo

Originally from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, I received a BA in Journalism/Public Relations from the University of Mississippi.  After graduation, and relocating to Manhattan, NYC for 17 years, I continued to build a career in various corporate industries including Television, Music, Real Estate and Architecture. 

Always having a passionate love for dogs, it has been a lifelong dream to train dogs as a  career.  I was blessed to start training my personal 12-year-old Keeshond as a puppy and collaborated with professional trainers to obtain her service dog certification starting at 2 years of age.  

After deciding to leave the corporate world and returning back to the south, I was dedicated to forge ahead into pursuing a career in professional dog training full time. 

I attended the Highland Canine School for Professional Dog Trainers in Harmony, North Carolina and received a Master Dog Trainer Certification upon graduation. The curriculum of course study included over 960 hours-24 weeks of fully immersed training including canine behavioral science, pet dogs to police dogs, military and service dogs on a daily basis from expert instructors, and leaders in the  professional dog training industry across the country.

Not every dog learns the same way; my training methods are tailored to you and your dogIf your dog pulls when being walked, barks, jumps on your guests at the door, or needs exercise and socialization, I will tailor a specialized treatment plan to get the most desirable results!

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